Monday, August 12, 2013

PP158 & a Tri Fold Shutter Card....

Whew, talk about time consuming.  I don't know if its just the card, or me *smiles* but I worked on this card off and on all day long. *wipes sweat from her brow, guzzling down a gallon of water* but I finished it, and you know, when I started this card earlier today, I had no idea that The Paper Players would be choosing the colors that I used on my card.  Is that luck? or what? *smiles again* Anyway, I had made the base of this card a long time ago, and had tried to embellish it, and messed up so tossed it.  Then I immediately made another base, and it has been sitting in my scrap box all this time.  Well I found it when I found the center step base from my earlier post here. Anyway, I decided to give it another try, and honestly, I dont know that I will attempt it again.  I hope you all like it, and please be sure to comment below.  So on to the card *grins*:

There you go, let me know what you think, and hope you have a wonderfully creative day!!


  1. These cards are so cool, and your lovely florals make this one stunning! Thanks for playing with our Paper Players color challenge this week! BTW, you still have word verification turned on, which makes it a wee bit more challenging to leave comments. If you'd like to know how to disable it, just let me or one of the paper players know! We want you to get all the comments you deserve!

  2. Thank you LeAnne, I have word verification turned off, sorry I didn't realize it was on. I appreciate your comment. *smiles*