Friday, July 29, 2011

Two new techniques in one card....

At least it is for me lol.... There are several techniques floating around out there that I have been wanting to try for months but have been too chicken to try lol... I have been... I will admit I have a box I live in and stamp by.... and if the technique is outside that box I am in I am afraid to try it because I hate to fail at anything... and believe me since I started stamping like 5 or 6 years ago I have had many failures there... but I kept working at it until I did something I could be proud of.  Well this is one of the cards where I am happy that I tried it and will try it again but am hoping that the next time it looks more like what I have envisioned instead of turning out the way it wants to... lol.  Sometimes I think my stamps and paper have minds of their own and just look at me and say " Awe she doesn't know how she wants this to look so lets just do it our way and she will be satisfied with it." Ok before you ask.... NO I am not certifiably crazy, and I do not talk to my paper and stamps.... much... and usually I only talk to things that talk back, like tv's and radio's, oops you didn't hear that lol.  Soooo anyway on to the card.  The two techniques I tried were the Center Step Card and the Chalkboard Technique.  They were both easier than I thought and I am satisfied with how it turned out.  Please let me ( and my stamps and paper) know what you think!!!  We I love comments.

I hope you like it!!!

Have a scappilicious day!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another NSBR post....

Ok... so a few weeks ago I did a post about our "friend" in the toilet... well would you believe that we have found "friend" number 2 in the toilet.... swimming around... like it was it's own personal swimming pool?  For those of you who haven't read the earlier NSBR post... we have found 2 frogs in our toilet so far.... the first one was just hanging out on the side... the second one was swimming in it... lol.  Luckily this time dad found it, not me.... THANK YOU GOD!!! lol.  I am terrified of frogs... I can't stand to see them unless they are in an aquarium or hopping along the road outside... I do not want these critters in my house lol, and most certainly not my toilet.  It's ok... go ahead and laugh... I have and so has my entire family... so chuckle and share this story its ok... lol.  Anyway that was the highlight of my week... NOT!!!  Has anything like this ever happened to any of you?  if so leave a comment with your story and we will all laugh and shudder together... lol

Happy Scrapping and may the creativity flow!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pumpkin Spice Design Team Call

Okay this as a last minute thing.  I found out that Pumpkin Spice was having an open call for design team members and decided ok I am going to do this... So here I am scrambling to get something done since this is the last day of the call.  One of my favorite papers is Crate paper... well the challenge for this team was to pick 2 paper lines on the list they have on their blog and create something with those 2 lines... I chose Crate Papers Restoration and Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl.  I love both these lines and thought the papers matched so well together.  Please let me know what you think.  So here goes:

The recipe is as follows:
Top of card: Crate Paper Restoration
Bottom of card: Cosmo Cricket Material Girl
Punched Strip: Crate Paper Restoration 
Sentiment: Cosmo Cricket Material Girl Tag that I cut out from the background, the phrase and bird are stamped in Chocolate chip and Elements of style stamp set by Stampin' Up
Pearls and ribbon are from Joann's from the wedding section and they are assorted sizes. 

Hope you like it and please leave a comment to let me know what you think!!!

Have a scraptastic day!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's a new creation.....

Well Hello... Good Sunday to you all. I have a new creation to show you today. I made the box a while ago but just got around to decorating it. I haven't filled it with anything yet because I am trying to decide what to put in it lol. But I like the way it turned out. I hope you like it too. Please let me know what you think about it!!! Also the ribbon flower on the front is one I made and I will post a tutorial on how to make them later. Have a great Sunday and try and stay dry. It looks like its going to come a terrible thunderstorm here, the sky is black and it looks like its about 8 pm at night outside.
So on to the pictures:
Hope you have a scrappy day!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Release day over at {ippity}....

So please go over and check out my {ippity} blog for previews of the new release for July... its soooo illuminating!!! Click here to go to my {ippity} blog to check it out!  I am offering free shipping!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

NSBR Story...

Hi... I know I have been absent the last week or so but have had a lot going on lately.  BTW Happy 4th of July for all those that celebrate it.  I hope to have a new project posted here this week but for now I am going to share a Non Scrapbook Related story....

Ok now to the funny story... Anyone who knows me knows I am a night owl... I usually sleep a little later in the morning because mom does and then stay up later at night because mom does... well it was about 1:00 this morning that I decided I was going to bed... I always use the bathroom before I go so I proceed into the bathroom and turn the light on... well the toilet is across from the door so I glance over at the toilet and there is something on the inside side of the toilet... Now before I tell you I am a complete city girl... I don't like critters of any kind other than dogs, cats, birds, and fish. Well I see this something inside the toilet... well at first I thought someone used the bathroom and left a "mess" for me to clean up... but then as I moved a little closer to the toilet the "mess" moved.... I freaked out and slammed the lid down and went running across the hall to my room to wake up hubby... he gets up and runs in there in his underwear... and starts laughing... comes out and says " its just a frog" i am like " yeah but its in our TOILET!!! Frogs are supposed to be outside in creeks and ponds and such not in my TOILET!!!" so I get a jar and he (my dh) captures the ugly little frog and puts his pants on and hauls him outside.... Needless to say, the lid to the toilet will stay down all the time now and I will always turn on the light no matter what time of day so that I can check out the toilet before using it... if a frog can get in there so can other critters.... ok so that's my funny story for the day... 

Have a Scrappy 4th !!! Hugsssss