Tuesday, June 7, 2011


For being absent.  I was working on a blog post on Thursday of last week and a box popped up on my screen.  It said something about Adobe Flash.exe had stopped working and that I needed to re-boot my computer. Well I re-booted my computer and guess what happened?  Yep... it was a virus.  My computer went haywire.  It kept telling me that my hard drive was corrupt and that there were bad sectors here and there and everywhere.  I freaked out.  See my computer is sitting on the dining room table, since I have to be in the room with my mom.  I am her caregiver so I stay close so that I can keep an eye on her.  Well needless to say that whoever comes in the door seems to want to perch at my computer and "borrow" it.  That said, I have no idea how the virus got onto my computer but have spent the weekend trying to get it sorted out.  I have a warranty on my computer so I assumed I would have to send it off to have it fixed, well thank God I did not have to do that.  I called and they walked me through wiping everything out and setting it back to factory defaults.  With that being said, I can say I lost everything I had saved on my computer, all my pictures, all my digital scrapbook pages, all my pictures of cards I have made, everything.  I did back everything up a few months ago so thankfully I do have part of it but I can never get back everything I lost.  So to end this blog post I am going to say this, watch the websites you visit, be careful about what is being downloaded to your computer, and above all else Back up your computer on a regular basis.

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